The Aunties

My boys are lucky enough to have two bio-Aunts (Hayden’s sister, Shauna and my sister, Robin) and four Aunties-in-love, my dear friends, Amy, Sara, Meg and Ang (known collectively as the Yos). We’ve been friends since before the boys were born; they hosted the baby showers and continue to enthusiastically spend many a child’s birthday drinking warm, expensive Coors Light at Chuck E. Cheese. They babysit on a moment’s notice, recently volunteered to teach Henry to drive (thanks, Ang!), and are generally my “village.”  Tonight, Sara came over for some pizza and gin on the patio. She has a very stressful and emotionally taxing job working as a legal advocate for children in some rough situations, so it’s nice when we can distract her with our chaotic (but relatively normal) familial shitshow. We visited while the kids climbed trees and fought over the soccer ball. When she left, Harvey said, “Saw-wah sure is a nice girl.” She sure is.

Baby whisperer
Sara – the baby whisperer