The apple dumpling gang

My favorite part of the year is NOW. Just past mid-October when the leaves are at their most glorious, but still early enough the first hard frost hasn’t settled into the valley to wilt and blacken potato vines and tomatoes.  I do hate knowing  the trees will soon be bare and it will be a whole year before I can bask in this delicious autumness again.

We took the boys apple picking in Emmett today. We love the Candy Apple Orchard – soft green grass covering a hillside of ancient trees. I was thinking we would make a whole day of it, but realized after the first 15 minutes (when we had already picked 30 pounds of apples) that our family size makes us highly efficient in some ways.

It was truly a perfect fall day – 70 degrees with a crayon-blue sky. A charming way to spend the afternoon to be sure, but one that still required riding with four children in a minivan for an hour each way.  Hayden wanted to strap at least two kids to the roof of the car during the drive home, but we were able to appease him with homemade caramels from the farm.


Spending time in rural Idaho always makes me want to be a farmer. Well, a lazy farmer. Like, I’d like a view of a farm. And a few things to grow and a sheep to pet and some of those old-fashioned bee hives. In this life, I would sit in my mint green kitchen in a linen nightgown and drink lavender tea and write things on a vintage typewriter at my table made of recycled barn wood.  And sell apple cider at my roadside stand on the weekends. I mean, that sounds practical, right?

But then I drive home to my real life and stop by Nordstrom’s Rack to buy a pair of tights or Whole Foods to pick up a quinoa salad and the Sunday Times…and I’m thankful for those urban conveniences too. I think there just needs to be more than one of me so I can live multiple lives at the same time. I don’t want to miss out on anything!

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy what I have…including these Falkner-picked apples. They will soon be folded into pancakes, baked in pies, and cooked into applesauce for my babies (which I will then freeze and not can because canning is hard and sometimes results in having to throw away 12 pints of plum jam. How is it common sense to boil a jar?)