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Adventure is out there

As I’ve mentioned before, there’s always a lot to do in Boise on a summer Saturday. We decided on a family bike ride today, but were brutally rebuffed by the Bigs who were engrossed in new games/books/Legos. After a promise they would at least walk the dog, Hayden and I decided to just take the Littles on what would be Hugo’s first bike ride in the trailer.

First, we strapped in both boys and just pulled the trailer around the driveway like a stroller. As always, they.were.adorable. We decided to take them for a quick ride, but it was such a great day we kind of just kept going. We rode down the Greenbelt to the playground in Julia Davis park. For some odd but awesome reason, the play structure was completely deserted and Harvey had the place to himself. While he climbed/slid/shouted and Hayden inspected the surrounding trees for backyard potential, Hugo and I walked up the stairs to the little bridge that crosses the canal to the Discovery Center and waved to the paddle boats.

A green canopy, driveway practice, sweet bikes, paddle boats
A green canopy, driveway practice, our beloved bikes, paddle boats

We then decided to ride across Friendship Bridge onto campus (also deserted, but no surprise there) and past Bronco Stadium (okay, I know it’s now Albertson’s but come on. I mean, it’s no Taco Bell arena, but still…No) where players were getting ready for an afternoon practice. So so so ready for college football – or hootbah as Harvey calls it. Rode home on the south side of the river, passing tons of rafters, SUPs, and bridge jumpers. *Note to teenage girls: You will immediately regret jumping off a bridge in that bikini.

Rafters downtown, Harvey's playground, Booiiseeee Staaaaaaate.
Rafters downtown, Harvey’s playground, Booiiseeee Staaaaaaate.

We had a great afternoon cruising around on our mini-adventure, and it was also fun seeing lots of happy people enjoying the outdoors and just loving on Boise.

Blue jeans and roses

This morning, I took Harvey to the YMCA for the preschool class he attends on Wednesday and Thursday. (Ohsweetbabyjesus, I was happy today was a school day! Harvey spent the first hour of the morning dumping out toy baskets, slamming doors, stealing things from the baby, throwing Legos, and run-by-hitting anyone sitting still. Okay, peace out, little dude…and good luck, Miss Amanda and Mr. Peter!)

After drop-off, I grabbed a coffee and headed to the library to renew our library cards, but apparently it doesn’t open until 10AM during the summer months. I wasn’t the only person who didn’t realize this judging by the dozen people sitting on the sidewalk in front of the building with books and iPads and forlorn expressions.

Rather than waiting around, Hugo and I crossed the street into Julia Davis Park. It was a beautiful, cool morning… the kind that reminds you that fall is quickly approaching (oh, blessed, blessed fall). I even embraced a pair of jeans this morning. Like, actually embraced them, and then put them on. How I love my uniform of jeans, long-sleeved tee, and flip-flops in the spring or fall. Digress.

We walked past the Boise Art Museum and into the rose garden. The gardener was mowing and my toes were quickly stained green as we strolled though the rows. I happened upon a rose called “Pumpkin Patch” which might be my new fav… a deep, golden orange with petals that fade to mauve as they age. The city has decided the fountains look best in lovely shade of completely-antithetical-to-nature “toilet water turquoise.” Odd…but Hugo still thought it was pretty mesmerizing.

rose garden

Then we came home (library STILL not open) and I picked an actual handful – finally! – of little tomatoes for my breakfast. My fault for not planting my veggies until the end of June, but it’s nice to see some production.  No one likes tomatoes at my house except me, so usually I eat them for a few a weeks and then they all fall on the ground because I can’t keep up and I’m too lazy to freeze them or something.  Meaning the following year we have tomato plants growing out of the cracks in our patio – bonus! Also, while I was picking them, some guy walked by on the Greenbelt singing “Piano Man” at the top of his lungs – bonus bonus! SING US A SONG, YOU’RE THE PIANO MAAAAAANNNN…

Red cherry tomatoes and yellow Squidward-head tomatoes (according to Hudson)
Red cherry tomatoes and yellow Squidward-head tomatoes (according to Hudson)

For his part, Hugo is working on self-feeding some Cheerios and tiny blueberries this morning. He does great chewing them, but also bites his own finger and cries at least once every 5 minutes. 🙁  While he practices, I plan on killing the approximately 127 flies in my house before Hayden gets home this afternoon and has a panic attack.


Summer School

Due to a series of unfortunate events (which will remain undisclosed to protect the guilty) Henry is required to take one semester of physical science in summer school. Classes started today and run from 8AM-12PM for the next three weeks. Unfortunately, they are not being offered at HIS school, but at another school in the district located 10 miles from our house, or 20 minutes by car. So, in addition to paying for his own summer school class, Henry is also paying me $5/day to be his personal chauffeur (not nearly what I’m worth).

I think Henry was nervous. One, the school is unfamiliar to him, and two, I’m pretty sure he had it in his mind that summer school is only for hardcore delinquents (à la Lean On Me) and that he was about to be pistol-whipped by a kid doing blow off the teacher’s ass. I tried to reassure him based on my own memories of summer school, but I didn’t have a lot to go on.  I believe I had to take an algebra class one year, but all I remember is an obscure snapshot of the classroom layout. Oddly, the image I have in my mind is from the classroom ceiling looking down, like I was having an out-of-body experience. I remember the class being fairly quick and painless, but apparently it’s possible I was unconscious for a substantial amount of time. Fortunately, Day 1 went smoothly and Henry said he feels like he might actually learn something in this [more structured] environment. He told me both the teacher and the classroom were nice and added, “We got to watch some real science clips with Bill Nye and not just YouTube videos of deer jumping on a trampoline or weird 80’s movies.” (No wonder my kid struggled on the standardized test but knows all of the lyrics to “In Your Eyes.”)

I anticipated this class would be a huge hassle but it’s really not bad – speaking as someone who has made the commute for exactly one day. It forces us all to get up, get showered, dressed and fed by 7:30AM… and during the summer, we can use a little extra motivation. We’re only a month into summer break and I’m already sick to death of forcing my kids (aka THE HUMAN SLUGS) to turn off the video games, get off the couch, and go outside.  In fact, I think we may need to consider summer school every summer.


BTW – did you ever notice SCHOOL is one of those words you can’t look at for too long before your brain starts going, “WTF? Skuh-hooool? Shhhooool? SSS-chewl?”

Okay, I need an iced coffee.

Sagebrush and sweat

I read an article the other day that said Boise was #2 in the U.S. for overall temperature increase during the past 30 years. Boise is located in the high desert and widely recognized as having only two seasons (often referred to as “I have sweat running between my boobs” hot and “I’m not going outside this week” cold). As such, my plodding attempts to lose this baby belly must occur before noon in the summer months as my delicate nature withers around 80 degrees, at which point I must sit inside and eat ice cream for the remainder of the day.

This morning, I hiked my v v v favorite loop where the Old Pen trail hooks into the Tablerock trail.  It starts out steep and rocky, but I’m surrounded by wildflowers and copious sage, and I get to enjoy an awesome view of downtown.  The trail flattens out about 20 minutes in, meanders past a little vineyard, and then it’s all downhill. Nothing remarkable (except I think I can maybe feel my butt cheeks getting rounder) but the trailhead is only a 10 minute walk from my house and I am reminded how lucky we are to live in the best of both worlds.

photo 1