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The apple dumpling gang

My favorite part of the year is NOW. Just past mid-October when the leaves are at their most glorious, but still early enough the first hard frost hasn’t settled into the valley to wilt and blacken potato vines and tomatoes.  I do hate knowing  the trees will soon be bare and it will be a whole year before I can bask in this delicious autumness again.

We took the boys apple picking in Emmett today. We love the Candy Apple Orchard – soft green grass covering a hillside of ancient trees. I was thinking we would make a whole day of it, but realized after the first 15 minutes (when we had already picked 30 pounds of apples) that our family size makes us highly efficient in some ways.

It was truly a perfect fall day – 70 degrees with a crayon-blue sky. A charming way to spend the afternoon to be sure, but one that still required riding with four children in a minivan for an hour each way.  Hayden wanted to strap at least two kids to the roof of the car during the drive home, but we were able to appease him with homemade caramels from the farm.


Spending time in rural Idaho always makes me want to be a farmer. Well, a lazy farmer. Like, I’d like a view of a farm. And a few things to grow and a sheep to pet and some of those old-fashioned bee hives. In this life, I would sit in my mint green kitchen in a linen nightgown and drink lavender tea and write things on a vintage typewriter at my table made of recycled barn wood.  And sell apple cider at my roadside stand on the weekends. I mean, that sounds practical, right?

But then I drive home to my real life and stop by Nordstrom’s Rack to buy a pair of tights or Whole Foods to pick up a quinoa salad and the Sunday Times…and I’m thankful for those urban conveniences too. I think there just needs to be more than one of me so I can live multiple lives at the same time. I don’t want to miss out on anything!

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy what I have…including these Falkner-picked apples. They will soon be folded into pancakes, baked in pies, and cooked into applesauce for my babies (which I will then freeze and not can because canning is hard and sometimes results in having to throw away 12 pints of plum jam. How is it common sense to boil a jar?)



Sorry, excuse us, sorry.

Finally made my way back to the public LIBRARY! to renew our cards after learning last week it does not open until a seasonally sluggish 10AM. (BTW, that exclamation point isn’t just me being super-stoked about libraries. I mean, they’re great, but that’s actually the official title of all Boise libraries. Are you not enticed by our ECCENTRICITIES!?)

This time, I had both Littles with me. Harvey has been to the LIBRARY! several times, but it’s been a while and he was a bit confused about the concept. For example, after the card renewal process, we went into the children’s LIBRARY! (okay, I can’t anymore, you get it) and he went absolutely ape-shit. You would think he had never seen a book. He couldn’t pull them off the shelves fast enough. Every book. About anything. The ocean…Hardy Boys…lion cubs…a 4H book about growing squash…and finally, an old favorite, The Lorax. Except he brought me El Lórax… clásica Seuss.  We tried to sit at a table and read one of the 15 stories he dragged out, but he was so hyper he wouldn’t even look at the pages or stay upright in the chair. LOUDLY (despite my repeated reminders on library etiquette) – “Mom, mom, mom, why does that boy have glasses? I want a backpack. That baby’s looking at me! I need a drink from the drinking fountain. I CAN DO IT MYSELF, MOM!!!”

Then we noticed one of the (infinitely patient) children’s librarians had started a story-time about dinosaurs, so we joined the group of moms and kids in the green-carpeted reading nook. Harvey’s impression was that this must be some kind of terraced lawn to run/roll up and down. Then he decided the librarian was reading just to him and started interrupting her and asking questions like they were having a conversation. “Ummm, why, why is your book so shiny?” About this time, we excused ourselves.

Once we were free of the confines of the reading nook, Harvey took off like a shot. Up and down the aisles I chased him with Hugo in the stroller. Sometimes I would lose him, only to see him peeking at me through the books from the next row over. “Moooom….where am I?” Finally, I parked the stroller and caught up with him (just in time to see him hurdle another child quietly reading on the floor). Under my arm he went, and out of the library we strolled with Hugo. Insert both boys into carseats. Cinch up Harvey’s extra tight. Deep, cleansing breaths.

LIBRARY!  I do not think it means what you think it means.

So, next time, we’ll go to a park instead and he can come back to the library when he’s legally responsible for his own actions.

One of many books, El Lorax, Hugo - over it, other people's well-behaved children
One of many books, El Lorax, Hugo – over it, other people’s well-behaved children

Adventure is out there

As I’ve mentioned before, there’s always a lot to do in Boise on a summer Saturday. We decided on a family bike ride today, but were brutally rebuffed by the Bigs who were engrossed in new games/books/Legos. After a promise they would at least walk the dog, Hayden and I decided to just take the Littles on what would be Hugo’s first bike ride in the trailer.

First, we strapped in both boys and just pulled the trailer around the driveway like a stroller. As always, they.were.adorable. We decided to take them for a quick ride, but it was such a great day we kind of just kept going. We rode down the Greenbelt to the playground in Julia Davis park. For some odd but awesome reason, the play structure was completely deserted and Harvey had the place to himself. While he climbed/slid/shouted and Hayden inspected the surrounding trees for backyard potential, Hugo and I walked up the stairs to the little bridge that crosses the canal to the Discovery Center and waved to the paddle boats.

A green canopy, driveway practice, sweet bikes, paddle boats
A green canopy, driveway practice, our beloved bikes, paddle boats

We then decided to ride across Friendship Bridge onto campus (also deserted, but no surprise there) and past Bronco Stadium (okay, I know it’s now Albertson’s but come on. I mean, it’s no Taco Bell arena, but still…No) where players were getting ready for an afternoon practice. So so so ready for college football – or hootbah as Harvey calls it. Rode home on the south side of the river, passing tons of rafters, SUPs, and bridge jumpers. *Note to teenage girls: You will immediately regret jumping off a bridge in that bikini.

Rafters downtown, Harvey's playground, Booiiseeee Staaaaaaate.
Rafters downtown, Harvey’s playground, Booiiseeee Staaaaaaate.

We had a great afternoon cruising around on our mini-adventure, and it was also fun seeing lots of happy people enjoying the outdoors and just loving on Boise.