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‘Tis the season

We are on the precipice of the most wonderful time of the year…my birthday.

I’ve always loved this time of year. While my mid-October birthday is naturally the crown jewel (Right?? What special plans do you have for the My Birthday holiday?), I really find everything about fall to be so charming and lovely. The luscious color, cooler temps and a little rain, the delicious smells of crockpot meals and chimney smoke, college football, sweaters, a wagon ride at Cabalo’s Orchard or the Berry Ranch to find the perfect pumpkin, scary costumes…seriously, how is fall not everyone’s favorite? Clap for fall. CLAP FOR IT.

In fact, the only downside to fall is that it rolls out the welcome mat for stupid, freezing, gloomy winter. Okay, winter isn’t always gloomy but it’s wicked cold and my kids get cabin fever and people slip and fall on ice and that sucks.

So for now, we’ll bask in the glory of fall.  Last year, I shared my birthday weekend with Hugo’s baby shower. It was a gorgeous day and I got to be surrounded by my favorite ladies whilst eating Krispy Kreme donuts and drinking hot cider and opening presents. (#thatwasprettysweet #invitepeopletobringdonutsandgiftsmoreoften) I think this year may involve the Candy Apple Orchard and a lot of champagne. And if I can talk her into it, a spice cake from my mama with mini pumpkin patch on top…the same cake she has been baking me off and on for 30 years.

My kids have been talking about Halloween costumes for a month already. (I know, it’s like Birthday Holiday means nothing to them.) They’ve definitely inherited my love of all things spooky…and also…candy. My Littles are going to be so freaking cute… I can’t wait. We started decorating today and Harvey ran to all of the neighbors like Paul Revere telling them Halloween Is Coming!! I hung a paper skeleton on the wall and just realized I posed him to look like he’s dancing Oppa Gangnam style. Op op op.

Okay, enough procrastinating. This entire post is happening because I’m supposed to be calculating odds ratios for my Managerial Epi class. But if I can get the assignment done in like an hour, I might have time to terrorize myself with an episode of American Horror Story on Netflix, at least until my cold meds knock me out.

My porch chalkboard, haunted house spookiness, yes - those heads scare the shit out of you at 3am when you wander out to get some water
My porch chalkboard, haunted house spookiness, yes – those heads scare the shit out of you at 3am when you wander out to get some water


Some of my favorite haunted things. The witch was given to me by Amy in 1996-ish. She's amazing.
Some of my favorite haunted things. The witch was given to me by Amy Jeske Pedersen in 1996-ish. She’s amazing. (Well, they’re both amazing.)





Blue jeans and roses

This morning, I took Harvey to the YMCA for the preschool class he attends on Wednesday and Thursday. (Ohsweetbabyjesus, I was happy today was a school day! Harvey spent the first hour of the morning dumping out toy baskets, slamming doors, stealing things from the baby, throwing Legos, and run-by-hitting anyone sitting still. Okay, peace out, little dude…and good luck, Miss Amanda and Mr. Peter!)

After drop-off, I grabbed a coffee and headed to the library to renew our library cards, but apparently it doesn’t open until 10AM during the summer months. I wasn’t the only person who didn’t realize this judging by the dozen people sitting on the sidewalk in front of the building with books and iPads and forlorn expressions.

Rather than waiting around, Hugo and I crossed the street into Julia Davis Park. It was a beautiful, cool morning… the kind that reminds you that fall is quickly approaching (oh, blessed, blessed fall). I even embraced a pair of jeans this morning. Like, actually embraced them, and then put them on. How I love my uniform of jeans, long-sleeved tee, and flip-flops in the spring or fall. Digress.

We walked past the Boise Art Museum and into the rose garden. The gardener was mowing and my toes were quickly stained green as we strolled though the rows. I happened upon a rose called “Pumpkin Patch” which might be my new fav… a deep, golden orange with petals that fade to mauve as they age. The city has decided the fountains look best in lovely shade of completely-antithetical-to-nature “toilet water turquoise.” Odd…but Hugo still thought it was pretty mesmerizing.

rose garden

Then we came home (library STILL not open) and I picked an actual handful – finally! – of little tomatoes for my breakfast. My fault for not planting my veggies until the end of June, but it’s nice to see some production.  No one likes tomatoes at my house except me, so usually I eat them for a few a weeks and then they all fall on the ground because I can’t keep up and I’m too lazy to freeze them or something.  Meaning the following year we have tomato plants growing out of the cracks in our patio – bonus! Also, while I was picking them, some guy walked by on the Greenbelt singing “Piano Man” at the top of his lungs – bonus bonus! SING US A SONG, YOU’RE THE PIANO MAAAAAANNNN…

Red cherry tomatoes and yellow Squidward-head tomatoes (according to Hudson)
Red cherry tomatoes and yellow Squidward-head tomatoes (according to Hudson)

For his part, Hugo is working on self-feeding some Cheerios and tiny blueberries this morning. He does great chewing them, but also bites his own finger and cries at least once every 5 minutes. 🙁  While he practices, I plan on killing the approximately 127 flies in my house before Hayden gets home this afternoon and has a panic attack.