Sorry, excuse us, sorry.

Finally made my way back to the public LIBRARY! to renew our cards after learning last week it does not open until a seasonally sluggish 10AM. (BTW, that exclamation point isn’t just me being super-stoked about libraries. I mean, they’re great, but that’s actually the official title of all Boise libraries. Are you not enticed by our ECCENTRICITIES!?)

This time, I had both Littles with me. Harvey has been to the LIBRARY! several times, but it’s been a while and he was a bit confused about the concept. For example, after the card renewal process, we went into the children’s LIBRARY! (okay, I can’t anymore, you get it) and he went absolutely ape-shit. You would think he had never seen a book. He couldn’t pull them off the shelves fast enough. Every book. About anything. The ocean…Hardy Boys…lion cubs…a 4H book about growing squash…and finally, an old favorite, The Lorax. Except he brought me El Lórax… clásica Seuss.  We tried to sit at a table and read one of the 15 stories he dragged out, but he was so hyper he wouldn’t even look at the pages or stay upright in the chair. LOUDLY (despite my repeated reminders on library etiquette) – “Mom, mom, mom, why does that boy have glasses? I want a backpack. That baby’s looking at me! I need a drink from the drinking fountain. I CAN DO IT MYSELF, MOM!!!”

Then we noticed one of the (infinitely patient) children’s librarians had started a story-time about dinosaurs, so we joined the group of moms and kids in the green-carpeted reading nook. Harvey’s impression was that this must be some kind of terraced lawn to run/roll up and down. Then he decided the librarian was reading just to him and started interrupting her and asking questions like they were having a conversation. “Ummm, why, why is your book so shiny?” About this time, we excused ourselves.

Once we were free of the confines of the reading nook, Harvey took off like a shot. Up and down the aisles I chased him with Hugo in the stroller. Sometimes I would lose him, only to see him peeking at me through the books from the next row over. “Moooom….where am I?” Finally, I parked the stroller and caught up with him (just in time to see him hurdle another child quietly reading on the floor). Under my arm he went, and out of the library we strolled with Hugo. Insert both boys into carseats. Cinch up Harvey’s extra tight. Deep, cleansing breaths.

LIBRARY!  I do not think it means what you think it means.

So, next time, we’ll go to a park instead and he can come back to the library when he’s legally responsible for his own actions.

One of many books, El Lorax, Hugo - over it, other people's well-behaved children
One of many books, El Lorax, Hugo – over it, other people’s well-behaved children